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 About Us  

Education is one of the most important decisions any parent can make for their child.

At Immaculate conception school our Mission is to nurture a lifelong commitment and love for the Catholic faith through prayer, sacraments, and service  AND  to provide an environment of academic excellence in which our  students can achieve their  highest personal potential.   Immaculate Conception school is a destination of excellence for children Preschool through 6th grade.


Immaculate Conception is dedicated to creating a learning environment that is focused on the whole

student, addressing the intellectual, spiritual and physical needs of each child.  We are proud to offer:


  • Kindergarten Preparatory Preschool  for children age 4 to 5, 3 days a week with a core program
    in oral and written language, phonics and mathematics.

  • Preschool 2 days a week for children age 3 and 4

  • All day every day Kindergarten

  • Daily Physical Education for Kindergarten through 6th grade

  • Computer Courses 4 days / week with focus on SD Technology Standards

  • Laptop computer cart

  • Spanish curriculum for K-6

  • Daily Religion classes and all school mass every Friday.

  • Promethean boards in every classroom

  • Yearly Oral interpretation meets

  • Student Government

  • Music class,  including choir and band instruction. 
    Additional availability for instrumental private lessons  in the summer.

  • Kids on Target (KOT) before and afterschool program 



Around 1890, a school was established and conducted by two Benedictine sisters. Due to the economic conditions, this school was closed by the spring of 1893. In 1907, a parish school was reopened and classes were held in the church basement. In 1910, the present school property was purchased, and a new building was built. When the school was ready for students, it began with eight grades and a commercial course was offered after the eighth year. This course was dropped and a regular high school was added in 1915. The first high school graduation was held in 1920, and the last graduation was held in 1932. Ninth grade was re-added in 1933 to form a junior high. This system continued through 1973. In 1955, Immaculate Conception Parish consisted of 900 families. The decision was made to form two parishes. Thus, Holy Name Parish was established in August of 1955. Holy Name School was opened in the fall of 1957 and held classes for students in grades one through nine, staffed by the Bernadine Sisters. In 1966, the Bernadine Sisters withdrew from the school to return to Pennsylvania, and the

school was closed.


After more than a year of construction, the new Immaculate Conception School addition was dedicated on August 30, 1964. The addition included eight classrooms, a library, administrative office, a gym with locker rooms, kitchen, and enclosed the fore tower from the old and new building. In keeping with the times, innovative programs were established at the school. A dual enrollment system with the Watertown Junior High School for the seventh and eighth grades began in the fall of 1971. Kindergarten began in the fall of 1973-1974. The late 1980's started a trend of changes at the school. Due to a decrease in enrollment, seventh and eighth grade was closed in 1985.


During the summer of 1989, a significant building project occurred. The 1939 school was demolished, and a portion of the school was remodeled. The remodeling added four classrooms, a new library, and three office spaces. This project also created a space for preschool for 4-5 years olds to begin in the fall of 1989. In 2000 preschool for 3-4 year olds was implemented. In 2002 another milestone was reached with Kindergarten becoming an all day every day program.




2023-2024 TUITION*:

Registration Fee:  $50 nonrefundable/family required each spring with registration of K-6 grades. 

                                       Parish                          Non-Parish                           non-Catholic

1st child                      $2,700                           $3,500                                    $5,900

2nd child                     $2,100                           $2,900                                   $5,900

3rd child                      $1,800                           $2,600                                   $5,900

*Tuition assistance applications for parishioners are available in business office



$25 Nonrefundable registration fee due at time of registration

Junior Kindergarten $200/month  ($1800/yr)

Enrichment $175/month ($1575/yr)

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