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Academic Resources


Fast For Word Software

This program is for students who are not reading at grade level and offers a safety net that rewires the four areas of the brain that are engaged in the development of reading. The brain cements the four areas with dopamine, so the student becomes a fluent reader making it easier to comprehend what he or she reads at his or her grade level.


Furthermore, twenty years of research was conducted prior to the creation of the Fast For Word software. This software is expensive; the upside is that we are getting great results for our students.


IXL Software

IXL is a math program that gives students the opportunity to work on the math standards at their grade level. This program can be worked on at home as well as in school. The South Dakota State Math Standards are on the program for their grade level.


Promethean Boards

At IC School, Promethean boards are in every classroom. A promethean board is a 72 inch electromagnetic board that is connected to a laptop and an LCD projector. These boards offer an infinite amount of instructional material for every academic area of instruction. A lesson on the promethean board offers the opportunity for hands on approach to the lesson being taught. The Immaculate Conception Parent Teacher Connection funded this project for our school in 2009.


AR Incentive Reading Program

Every library book has been given a point value and entered into the AR system. Every month each teacher assigns a goal for a total number of points each student needs to earn in order to meet the AR incentive for the month.


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