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Last year, IC School brought in $2929.86 because parents and grandparents, friends and cousins saved labels. It really is worth it to watch for these items and save them for our school!​

  • Pizza Ranch wagon logos off the flap of the "to go " pizza & chicken boxes

  • Box Tops for Education - the official coupon or NEW Scan your Receipt Program

  • UPC from " Our Family" brand items barcodes starting with #70253

  • Ink and toner cartidges from any brand/style printer or copier

  • My Coke Rewards - bottle caps and codes from 12 and 24 packs

  • Tyson Project A+ -clip the entire label from Tyson chicken products

  • Loaves 4 Learning - UPC Label 

  • Best Choice - UPC Labels from the brand found at County Fair

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