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What’s Up at Summer Kids On Target?                           

Junior KOT is for preschool students and students who have completed Kindergarten.

The first day for Summer KOT will be Monday May 21st beginning at 6:30am until 6:00pm Mon through Friday. The last day of Summer KOT will be Friday August 24th.  This is for both programs.



All of our students attending KOT are required to bring a cold lunch.  Students will place their cold lunch in the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Junior KOT can bring hot lunch on Monday & Wednesday.

Regular KOT can bring hot lunch on Tuesday and Thursdays.

The KOT staff will heat up lunches in the microwave.


WE WILL HAVE KOT ON MONDAY JULY 2 AND TUESDAY JULY 3. NO KOT ON JULY 4TH 5TH AND 6TH .  Happy Fourth of July to our KOT Staff  Families.

Junior and Regular KOT Students Field Trips Planned for summer 2018

Tuesday June 26th   Field Trip to Prairie Village,  Madison, South Dakota. Students will bring a sack lunch.

Tuesday July 31st There will be a field trip in our community. The Zoo, The Mellette House,   plus other stops students will bring a sack lunch.

Our transportation has been arranged with the Watertown Public School District for the field trips. The bus will leave at about 9:00am and return about 5:00pm for both trips.

Summer KOT Staff

Ashley Vanderleest,  Sam Pond, Donna Ireland, Jody Moen, Amber Case, Briana Kannas, Arica Mack . Mrs. Dagel will be working in the program the first week when most of our staff are in school until May 25th.

The Regular KOT Students Theme

This year our regular KOT students will be learning about Famous People and famous authors. Students will also be learning about the planets and friendship and keeping positive friends.

The Junior KOT Program Theme

 Amber Case has been writing the lesson plans for this program. The students will be studying dinosaurs as well as participating in weekly music class with Mrs. Falk.  Junior KOT students will be going to the pool on Tuesday Thursday and Friday afternoons.


Breakout Sessions will be from 9:15-10:15. Breakout Sessions will begin in June.

This year we will be offering a Break out Session four days a week Monday through Thursday for students in regular KOT Program the Breakout Sessions will be from 9:15am to 10:15am.

On Monday the theme will be Technology.  The students will be working on the South Dakota Technology Standards as well as their academic skills in reading and math. Students will work 20 minutes on IXL math mastery software.   Then they will work 20 minutes on coding skills. The last 20 minutes the students will be working on Reading / Language Arts. Students will be working in the technology lab.

On Tuesday The Break out Session will be Game Fish and Parks. Each week the Game Fish and Parks staff will be coming to present a variety of themes. (See Schedule or Calendar for these dates).

On Wednesday The Breakout Session will be Fun and Games a lesson plan will be written for each day by a staff member.

On Thursday The Break out Session will be art. Then the students will have the opportunity to create an art project. Amber Case will be the instructor.  Amber is a very talented person with a strong artistic nature. Students will attend this class on the stage so they have large work areas. The art projects will be sent home after we have had them on display in the KOT area of the building.


Regular KOT Jenkins Living Center Visits

Every Friday students will select 4 books to read to the residents at Jenkins Living Center.  We will walk to Jenkins Living Center, leaving the school at about 9:50am and return back to the school about 10:35am. The residents love it when our students come to read to them.

Weekly Library visits

Regular KOT will walk to the library on Tuesdays leaving the school at 1:15pm returning at 2:00pm

Junior KOT will walk to the library on Wednesday leaving the school at 1:15pm and returning at 2:00pm.


NEW  Students Earning AR Point over the Summer

 This summer our students attending KOT will be able to earn AR reading points. Yippee Skippee. We will be encouraging students to read AR books and to test on Mini IPads that are available at KOT to test on.

   Student will be able to sign the wall after we return to school in Sept for the points earned.


Library Time

 Students will have quiet time for silent reading during KOT. This will give them the opportunity to earn AR points or time to take AR tests on the Mini IPads.


The staff from the local zoo will be bringing animals along to introduce to our students (See Schedule or Calendar for these dates).


Blessed are the children who gift our lives, for they come directly from God.”

Morning Gathering Time for students and staff.  

This will be a daily event gathering reflecting on what they enjoyed about yesterday. The caregivers will talk about some of the things that they will be doing each day. The students will say the pledge of allegiance each day. The students will talk about what’s in the news daily.



We will be teaching students to think for themselves. Teaching students to think for themselves really empowers them into making good choices and not being afraid to speak up in regards to what they really think about an event or a situation. Being able to do this creates children to become leaders.

Family Life Skills Students will learn ways they can help themselves and contribute to helping the family. Children will learn about individual planning skills while learning how to prepare a meal and complete simple sewing projects.

Faith and Service

Our students will have Bible Study each week. The students will start the summer off with creating a mural of God’s Creation the first week of KOT. We will be putting the mural up for all to see it will be amazing.


Lemonade Stand

 Our students will be having a lemonade stand. Students will take turns selling lemonade and cookies with a caregiver present. The funds earned are used for treats at the dairy queen on field trip days.

Weekly Visits from Codington County Game Fish and Parks Begins June 12 for Regular KOT

Regular KOT will meet on Tuesdays 9:30-10:30. (See Schedule or Calendar for these dates).

Junior KOT will attend some of the classes that would be meaningful to them

Codington County Museum Visits. (See Schedule or Calendar for these dates).

The Junior KOT Program will walk to the museum on Tuesdays 10:00-11:00am.

The Regular KOT Program will walk to the museum on Thursdays 2:00pm-3:30pm.


The Grocery Store                                            The Building Center

The Beach Bum Reading area                          Rising Star School

 The Game Shoppe                                            The Post Office

Cinderella Closet                                                A gathering area with a sofa  rug area



                                                          Kids on Target Summer Staff Guidelines

Pool Procedures 2018 Our first day going to the pool weather permitting is Wednesday May 30th .


  This year our students will be walking to the pool. They will be returning back on the local transit.  The cost for riding the local Transit is $2.50 to ride back to the school. Students must have the correct change for the transit the attendant does not have the ability to make change OR families can purchase tokens at the local transit building located across the street from County Fair grocery store.

The Temperature needs to be at least 75 degrees or higher by 11:30am for the students to go swimming that day.

Regular KOT students will go to the pool on Mon Wed and Friday. Students need to have $2.50 with them in cash or in the form of tokens for the return trip back to the school only.

Junior KOT students will go to the pool on Tuesday Thursday and Fridays. Students will need to have $2.50 in cash or tokens to ride back to the school on these days.

The Transit Office is open Monday Through Friday from 8-5 to purchase tokens!

All students go swimming on pool days. All students are required to ride the transit back to the school. Please note this is a change from previous years for returning to our school.


Before going to the pool there will be a pre teaching session to inform the students as to what the expectations are for them while at the pool.

  • Students and Staff will wear swim shirts. No bikini swimsuits for staff members. Staff members and students must wear a swim shirt at all times while at the pool.  THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS WHENTHE STUDENTS GO TO THE SANDBOX IT IS AT THAT TIME ONLY THAT THEY CAN TAKE OFF THEIR SWIM SHIRT. As soon as the students are ready to leave this area they have to put the swim shirt on before they leave the area. This will assist the students in locating a staff member if in need of assistance. Staff members need to select a two piece tankini or a one piece swim suit while on duty for KOT at the swimming pool. No cleavage showing.

  •  Staff members WILL NOT makes arrangements to meet friends at the pool.  Your number one responsibility is to keep our students safe at all times.

  • One staff member will collect the pool passes and place them in a zip lock bag.

  • Students will complete their lunch. Then two students will go at a time into the bathroom to change into their swim attire.

  • Students will then put on their sun screen. Staff will assist students when putting sun screen on their face as well as other body areas that they cannot reach such as their back.

  • After everyone is ready to go. The KOT staff will partner up the students for the walk to the pool. One staff person will walk in front of the group and one staff member at the end of the group walking.

  • Students need to stay close to the designated areas the pool area/ sandbox area so the staff can supervise our students. KOT students are welcome to visit/play with other friends than the KOT students while at the pool.

  • The Junior KOT students will go swimming on Tuesday and Thursdays Friday afternoons. The Regular KOT students will go to the pool on Mon Wed Fri afternoons.

  •  All Students from both KOT Programs will be going swimming on Friday.


New Movie Guidelines

A movie can be shown on a limited basis.

  • In place of pool time because of inclement weather ( Regular KOT Only two movies in one week) ( Junior KOT one movie per week)

  • Rated movies must be G or PG (Check for parent signatures for permission) a list of students who do not have permission will be located in the front of the lesson plan binder.

Other Screen Time Guidelines

  • Lesson Plans may include a short learning DVD or a Promethean Board video clip to enhance an academic theme students are learning about.


Procedures for Students Leaving the Building

Prior to leaving the building the KOT staff will review the following procedure:

  1. Partner older students with younger students.

  2. Students will always walk in a line when traveling to your destination.

  3.  When walking a staff member will always be at the front of the line and at the end of the line.

  4. Staff will always follow safety rules when crossing the street. Obey all street lights.

  5. When walking students will always treat each other with dignity and respect.

  6. Parents will be notified in person when their child(ren) are picked up for the day of who exhibit inappropriate behavior.

Students need to follow instructions given by KOT staff members at all times.


Noon Meal Procedures

  • During the first week of classes the KOT staff will teach the students the procedures that we will follow for eating the noon lunch.

  • Parents will be notified the day before (by email) as a gentle reminder when the students will NOT need to bring a lunch from home. The students will be served lunch in house for their noon meal on the next day.

  • Each day the Junior KOT students will eat in Ms Hulscher’s classroom. Monday and Wednesday will be the days children can have hot lunch. This group can bring food that can be heated in the microwave.

  • Regular KOT students will have hot lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Staff will start heating up the lunches at about 11:15am on these days.

  • Students will eat lunch at 11:30am each day.

  • On Monday Wednesday and Fridays the staff will set the student lunch bags on the tables.

  • Prior to eating lunch the students and staff will gather on the carpet to pray the noon prayer together.

  • Then two students will go at one time to the bathroom to wash hands.

  • Students will raise their hand when they would like to be dismissed from the table.

  • On the first day of summer KOT inform the students as to what they can do after they are dismissed from the lunch table. What will be their choices of activities to do? (These options should be posted on a laminated tag board) on the wall near the lunchroom tables.


Bulletin Board Postings

The following items will be posted on the bulletin board in the hallway next to the gym area.

  • Snack calendar

  • Lesson Plans

  • Stations/activities calendar

  •  Renewal License from the State of South Dakota

  • Inspection Reports after a visit from the Department of Social Services our licensing agent.

  • Field Trip  Information /Sign Up

  • Other Parent Notices /KOT Newsletters   

We will continue to be in touch with you as we move through the summer in regards to events that will be happening.

KOT Lesson Plans available upon request.

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